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My Skinny

My Skinny Rice Basmati White 17.64 oz (Pack Of 6)

My Skinny Rice Basmati White 17.64 oz (Pack Of 6)

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Benefits of brown rice. Slow release carbohydrates. Helps support healthy weight. Naturally gluten free. Low G.I. (Clinically tested). The rice that's nice to you! What's so skinny about My Skinny Rice? I personally don't have a big passion for shopping, but I do care what kind of food I put into my body. Like this rice! My Skinny Rice is special not only because it's grown in a single estate, right a t the foothills of the Himalayas, but because it is a unique, single variety of rice nurtured with our farmers' TLC (tender love and Care). My Skinny Rice is my perfect example of an intelligent choice of carbs, because it helps me support and maintain healthy weight. My Skinny Rice has a Low G.I. (glycemic index) score of 52. This means that while digesting, the sugar is slowly released into the bloodstream, providing your body with a steady supply of energy; because of this you will stay fuller, longer. We achieved the Low G.I. score by our unique parboiling process. While My Skinny Rice is white in color, it retains 80% of the nutrients from the husk that you would normally find in brown rice. We age our rice for a minimum of 2 years in SPA-like conditions to consistently deliver superior nutritional & taste benefits. Our rice is naturally grown and never in any way genetically modified. So, Go ahead! Make yourself a bowl of My Skinny Rice and have yourself a rice day! - Ursa. Naturally grown. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Rice, a cholesterol free food. Zero trans fat. Great taste. Product of India.

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