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Brittanies Thym

Brittanie's Thyme - Hand Soap Liquid Bergamot Lime - 12 fl. oz (Pack of 3)

Brittanie's Thyme - Hand Soap Liquid Bergamot Lime - 12 fl. oz (Pack of 3)

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Have you been searching for a soap that is gentle and all natural that everyone in your family can use, even little ones? If so, you have found it! Brittanie's thyme olive oil hand soaps are made with pure essential oils and botanical ingredients that will effectively wash away germs while promoting skin healing and hydration. We have carefully chosen natures finest oils to deeply cleanse and replenish moisture to skin. Rich in vitamins a and e to naturally repair and renew skin with each wash. Lightly scented with essential oils. Enjoy a soap that has the power to heal and moisturize your hands in just 20 seconds. With Brittanie's Thyme olive oil soap, the therapeutic properties of aloe and moisturizing effects of glycerin will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth in no time.

Potassium olivate (pure olive oil soap), potassium castorate, potassium oleate (pure olive oil soap), organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, organic (willow) bark extract, organic bergamot oil, organic lime oil and vegetable glycerin.
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