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Enviroscent Sticks & Stand Spring Water 0.7 Oz (Pack of 6)

Enviroscent Sticks & Stand Spring Water 0.7 Oz (Pack of 6)

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30+ days. Scents made safer. No respiratory sensitizers. Safer for people, pets, planet. Safer for people, pets + planet non-toxic ingredients no CMRs + no PBTs no respiratory sensitizers no liquid, leaks or spills a totally new way to scent your space with cleaner, safer ingredients + sustainable, recyclable materials. How to get Scenting: (1) Find the perfect spot to scent. Place 2-4 scent stix refills in the stand. Yep, that’s it. (2) Adjust the number of scent stix refills to fill any size - room with scent. More sticks, more scent. (3) Replace stix refills after 30 days or once scent is no longer detected. Recycle the used scent stix refills + aluminum tube. Refill the stand for month after month of amazing scents! So fresh and so clean (clean) everything you love about fresh, flowing spring water (not the kind from the bottle) combined with the relaxing, healthy vibes that lotus flowers have been known to give. Learn more at enviroscent Speaking of recycling you can (and should) recycle this packaging and scent stix refills. Unfortunately, the mango wood stand is not recyclable yet, but it is refillable! Mix Packaging FSC. Fragrance formulated to comply with the EPA safer choice program IFC. Recyclable refill + packaging. Responsibly made in China.

Sustainable Paper Pulp, Fragrance (Including Orange Essential Oil), Natural Starch, Safe Liquid Silica + Bitrex.
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