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Bobs Red Mill

Bobs Red Mill Couscous Golden 24 oz (Pack of 4)

Bobs Red Mill Couscous Golden 24 oz (Pack of 4)

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Vegan. Non GMO. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoprojectorg. An employee-owned company. To your good health - Bob Moore. Quick cooking. Couscous is a traditional North African and Middle Eastern pasta made from coarsely ground pre-cooked semolina. These tiny little balls of pasta are ready to eat in just 5 minutes, making couscous as convenient as it is delicious. Use it as a bed for stew, meat or vegetables, or top with your favorite pasta sauce. Dear Friends, I've always believed that food is more than just sustenance, more than the sum of its nutrients. It's also shared experiences. It's memories. It's love. For the past 40 years, I've made it my mission to bring a wide variety of wholesome, delicious foods to our customers, and I'm proud-and humbled-that so many people have put their trust in us. Thank you for bringing Bob's Red Mill into your home. To your good health, - Bob Moore. Reason to love Golden Couscous. bobsredmill For more information and recipes, visit bobsredmill For information and recipes, visit bobsredmill Resealable package.

Durum Wheat Semolina.
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