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Bobs Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill - Cornmeal Gluten Free 24 oz (Pack of 4)

Bob's Red Mill - Cornmeal Gluten Free 24 oz (Pack of 4)

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Gluten free. Tested and confirmed gluten free in our quality control laboratory. 100 whole grain: 38 g or more per serving. 100 of the grain is whole grain.. Whole grain. An employee-owned company. Stone ground. Our gluten free cornmeal makes incredibly delicious cornbread, and here's why: we leave the corn germ and bran in. Its 100 stone ground, which results in cornmeal that isn't just tasty - it's a good source of fiber, too. You'll find it's also the ideal texture for muffins, pancakes, waffles and a host of other baked goods. You can see our quality. Dear friends, corn is perhaps the most traditional of american foods: domesticated thousands of years ago, it's been a cultural and nutritional mainstay ever since. At bob's red mill, our cornmeal from we mill the finest-quality golden corn, stone ground the old-fashioned way on our millstones to preserve all of the vital nutrients - and flavor - we've loved for generations. To your good health, bob moore.. Find more recipes at,. For information and recipes, visit. Resealable bag.

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