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Seventh Generat

Seventh Generation - Cleaner All Purpose Meadow 23 fl. oz (Pack of 8)

Seventh Generation - Cleaner All Purpose Meadow 23 fl. oz (Pack of 8)

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Scents made from 100 essential oils & botanical ingredients. 0 synthetic fragrances or dyes. Ingredients in our safe (safe when used as directed) & effective formula: water, caprylyl/decyl glucoside: plant-derived cleaning agent, sodium citrate: plant-derived water softener, laureth-6: plant-derived cleaning agent, citric acid: plant-derived ph adjuster, d-limonene: plant-derived fragrance, dimethyl heptenal: plant-derived fragrance, salvia sclarea: (clary sage) oil: plant-derived fragrance, santalum spicata (sandalwood) wood oil: plant-derived fragrance, gamma-decalactone: plant-derived fragrance, hexyl acetate: plant-derived fragrance, isoamyl acetate: plant-derived fragrance, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf/stem oil: plant-derived fragrance, hexenyl acetate: plant-derived fragrance, trans-2-hexenal: plant derived fragrance, benzisothiazolinone: synthetic preservative, methylisothiazolinone: synthetic preservative. Phosphate free. Usda certified biobased product 91. No animal testing. Not tested on animals. A clean you can trust. Join us in nurturing the health of the next seven generations.

Water caprylyl/decyl glucoside plant-derived cleaning agent sodium citrate plant-derived water softener laureth-6 plant-derived cleaning agent citric acid plant-derived ph adjuster d-limonene plant-derived fragrance dimethyl heptenal plant-derived fragrance salvia sclarea;clary sage;oil plant-derived fragrance santalum spicata;sandalwood;wood oil plant-derived fragrance gamma-decalactone plant-derived fragrance hexyl acetate plant-derived fragrance isoamyl acetate plant-derived fragrance mentha
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