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The Honest Comp

The Honest Company Diaper So Delish Size 6 18 Pk (Pack Of 4)

The Honest Company Diaper So Delish Size 6 18 Pk (Pack Of 4)

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Print inside! Clean conscious diapers. New! Wetness indicator. Absorbent / hypoallergenic / with plant-based materials. Rockin' Tot: Size 6: A. Super stretchy sides. B. Quilted bubble liner. C. Diaper duty wetness indicator. D. Plant-based materials (Made with sustainably harvested, totally chlorine-free fluff pulp and a plant-derived outer layer). E. Quick absorb channel. Daniela M. with Rockin' Tots, Nicholas & Matthias. Don't compare your baby to any other, every process is different. Don't listen to negative comments and always pay attention to your own intuitions, because you know what is best for your family. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. honest (Hashtag)HonestIRL. Join us at honest Our Honest Purpose: To empower people to live happy, healthy lives. honest Cruelty free. Not tested on animals. Honest sustainability journey. Learn more at honest Designed in California. Responsibly made in Mexico.

Materials: Absorbent Bio-Core [Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp from Sustainably Managed Forests, Sodium Polyacrylate Containing Renewable Materials & Odor Inhibitors Including Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll], Outer Layer (Plant-Based PLA), Inner Layer (Polyethylene & Polypropylene), Leg/Waist System (Polymer Spandex & Polypropylene), Polyolefin Adhesives in the Seams & Joints, Super-Cute Design on Backsheet (links).
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