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Burts Chip Potato Guinness Stout 5.3 oz (Pack Of 10)

Burts Chip Potato Guinness Stout 5.3 oz (Pack Of 10)

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Estd 1759. Naturally flavored. Burts Hand Cooked Potato Chips with Guinness flavor. Gluten free. Not suitable for vegans. Packed in a protective atmosphere. This is a love story like no other. The meeting of the world's most famous stout and the world's finest artisan crisp, and one mission to take taste buds to new extremes. Combining their expertise and craftsmanship, Guinness and Burts Chips set out to create the ultimate snack in a pack. Hand cooking quality potatoes to crisp perfection, before evenly seasoning with a rich blend of Guinness flavors. The result is a mouth-watering crisp with the bitter sweet flavor of this iconic Irish stout, and we hope you agree, a crunch like never witnessed before.

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