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Maizena Corn Starch Unflavored 14 Oz (Pack Of 24)

Maizena Corn Starch Unflavored 14 Oz (Pack Of 24)

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Introducing a versatile kitchen essential that's perfect for thickening sauces, soups, and gravies - our Unflavored Corn Starch. This pack of 24 ensures you'll always have this reliable and effective thickening agent on hand. Each 14 oz canister is filled with pure corn starch, made from premium-quality corn for optimal performance in your favorite recipes. With its neutral flavor and smooth texture, our corn starch seamlessly blends into both hot and cold liquids, creating a silky-smooth consistency without altering the taste of your dishes. Whether you're using it to thicken a hearty stew, create a creamy pudding, or coat meats for frying, our Unflavored Corn Starch is the perfect choice for all your culinary adventures. Made with non-GMO corn and free from additives or preservatives, it's a pure and natural option you can trust. Plus, with its convenient resealable canister, it's easy to measure out just the right amount for your recipes and keep the rest fresh for future use. Stock up on this pantry essential and elevate your cooking with the reliable performance of Unflavored Corn Starch.

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