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Safely Air Fresh Plugin Refill Rise 1.34 FO (Pack of 8)

Safely Air Fresh Plugin Refill Rise 1.34 FO (Pack of 8)

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Two refills. Experience Rise luxe scent. Luxury fragrance. 100 days of scent (per pack based on low setting). Clean ingredients. Everything you need to give you space that 5-star hotel smell. Rise Scent Notes: Bright fresh, and not too aggressive (you know the type). Top notes of delicate orange flower, followed by sweet jasmine, and earthy woods. Always: Premium essential oils. Never: BHTs, parabens, dyes, colors, or no added formaldehyde. Founded by supermoms and designed by experts. End your toxic relationship with plug-ins thanks to our premium essential oils and ban on BHTs, parabens, phthalates, dyes, colors and no added formaldehyde. UL listed. getsafely Please recycle outer box, glass portion of refill, and HDPE plastic screw cap. Formulated in USA with USA and imported components. Packed in Mexico.

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