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Xylichew - Spearmint Gum - 12 pc (Pack of 24)

Xylichew - Spearmint Gum - 12 pc (Pack of 24)

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Xylichew spearmint chewing gum provides you with a refreshing gum without worrying about sugar and chemicals. Each blister pack contains 12 pieces of gum that uses xylitol, a natural sugar substitute. Whether you are on a low-sugar diet or making a lifestyle change, this gum is an ideal replacement. Xylichew chewing gum is a soy-free, sugar-free option when you need something sweet. See nutrition facts panel for allergens.

Xylitol;Gum Base;Vegetable Glycerin;Natural Spearmint Flavors;Gum Arabic;Sunflower Lecithin;Carnauba Wax
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