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Savor By Suzie

Savor By Suzie Pretzels Milk Chocolate 5 oz (Pack of 12)

Savor By Suzie Pretzels Milk Chocolate 5 oz (Pack of 12)

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140 calories per serving. Grain free. Gluten free certification program. gf.cerrt Beyond celiac. Gluten free (trademark of the national foundation for celiac awareness. Used under license.) Non-GMO. Allergen friendly. Grain-free. It's a no grainer. Making your belly smile and your soul sing. Did you know pretzels are a symbol of love and good luck? In 2000, when our youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism and celiac disease, the last thing we felt was luck! Changing the way we ate and giving up so many of our go-to snacks, including pretzels, was hard. On-top of autism, it was even harder. Then, we discovered the gut brain connection. Together, we learned how to eat foods that not only tasted good but also made us feel good! Determined to find a way back to our ite snacks, I relentlessly hit the kitchen. Indreds of botched (but entertaining!) Experiments and one serendipitous bakery partnership later, savor by Suzie no grainer pretzels were born. Nothing makes us happier than to bring delicious snacks from our family to yours, so you too can, eat to be your happiest self\'! Gf guru mama Suzie & chief baker Scott (husband & wife + co-founders). Each flavor, deliciously crafted with love in my kitchen - Xoxo Suzie the flavor maker. savorstreet Autism Awareness: Savor by suzie gives back to Autism Awareness and promotes neurodiversity in our workplace and beyond. Let's help change the world together! Made in U.S.A.

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