Yogi Snack Tea 100% Natural Tea Caramel Apple Spice - 16 Tea Bags - Case of 6


  • $29.98

Yogi Snack Tea 100% Natural Tea Caramel Apple Spice Description:
  • Naturally Energizing Treat Between Meals
  • 100% Natural

Indulge with Our Delicious Snack Tea

Breathe in the enchanting aroma of Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea. Thoughtfully blended with flavorful Organic Assam Black Tea, Rooibos and Schisandra Berry this tea is a delicious treat that also helps to provide the energy you need between meals. Traditionally consumed as a food for thousands of years, Schisandra Berry stimulates all five basic tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Rich Caramel and apple flavors with exotic spices combine in the enchanting one-of-a kind blend that pleases the senses. So the next time you're craving a snack, enjoy an indulgent and satisfying cup of naturally delicious Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea!

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