Yogi Organic Green Tea Lemon Ginger - 16 Tea Bags - Case of 6


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Yogi Organic Green Tea Lemon Ginger Description: Made with Organic Green Tea Contains Caffeine. A martial arts master once sent a shy young student on a vision quest. Giving him only a handful of green tea leaves, the master instructed the young man to go to the forest and remain there until he had received a revelation and so be guided to his future path. The devoted student did as he was told, and after a time he fell into the deepest of meditations. A vision of a beautiful goddess with a magnificent golden crown appeared riding a fierce tiger. Although the tiger looked powerful and ferocious the goddess rode him unafraid, as if he were the gentlest of creatures. When the student ended his reverie, he found before him a lemon and some ginger root. He made a small fire, and added the lemon and ginger to his pot of fragrant green tea. As he drank, he felt the fresh energy of the fruit flow through him, and the strength of the ginger seep into his bones. The spicy, delicious flavor revived his spirit, and exhilarated his being. His shyness vanished, and he knew at once that he had always had the inner courage to face all of life's challenges. Now you can discover the invigorating refreshment and spirited taste of this unique beverage in your home, every time you brew a delicious cup of Green Tea Lemon Ginger. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.