pHion Balance Probiotic Blend - 30 Tablets

pHion Balance

  • $22.98

  • GAB technology ensures survival through the stomach
  • Extended shelf life and stability
  • 5 billion live bacteria per serving
  • Formulated with 7 strains of intestinal flora
  • Promotes digestive system pH balance
  • Refrigeration not required
  • Easy to swallow capsules Reasons to buy
  • Brimming with beneficial bacteria. pHion Probiotic Blend contains 5 billion live beneficial bacteria per serving. By ingesting these friendly flora daily, you can re-colonize your intestines and make sure the good guys outnumber the bad.
  • Survives stomach acid. pHion Probiotic Blend tablets feature Gastric Acid Bypass (GAB) technology. This advanced technology protects the live bacteria from harsh stomach acid, delivering them directly into the intestines, where they can colonize and flourish.
  • Stays stable, even without refrigeration. Because probiotic products contain live, fragile organisms, they often have a poor shelf life. Thanks to the Gastric Acid Bypass System, pHion Probiotic Blend extends the shelf life of these beneficial bacteria - even without refrigeration.
  • Features 7 strains of friendly flora for maximum impact. There are multiple strains of beneficial bacteria that naturally inhabit your GI tract. Why supplement with just one strain of flora, which is common in most other probiotic formulas on the market, when you could supplement with the seven strains of probiotics found in the pHion Probiotic Blend?

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