Bricker Labs ResistAid - 60 Tablets

Bricker Labs

  • $23.98

ResistAid supports natural immune function with Triple Action Immune Support. ResistAid is a safe, natural extract of the larch tree clinically known to have important immune benefits. ResistAid Offers:
  • Proprietary, natural immune support from larch trees
  • Year round, triple action immune support (direct, indirect and antioxidant capacity)
  • Ability to modulate and support appropriate immune response
  • Soluble dietary fiber
  • Produced to the highest quality with safety in mind A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that those taking ResistAid had twice the opportunity of staying healthy on the primary health measurements than those taking placebo. Fiber & Antioxidants ResistAid also contains fiber and has antioxidant activity similar to that of pomegranates. Increases The Body’s Adaptive Immune Response Several components work together to build natural defenses to keep the body healthy. One vital component is built by the body to respond to specific immune challenges – the adaptive immune response. A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that those taking ResistAid had significant increases in the non-in ammatory, lgG adaptive immune response, when exposed to an immune challenge, over those taking placebo. It is generally accepted that increases in the IgG adaptive immune response indicates better defenses. Further, ResistAid may support the appropriate response to an antigen without Indiscriminately enhancing other arms of the immune system that would not be expected to respond. ResistAid supports natural immune function and is a trademark of Lonza Ltd, Switzerland.

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