Breezy Morning Teas Breathe Free 100% Pure and Natural Herb Tea - 20 Bags

Breezy Morning Teas

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  • New! Great Mint Taste with Green Tea

A Natural pick-me-up that helps relieve congestion and discomfort associated with Allergies, Cold and Flu.

Breath in the tingly fresh aroma. Breathe out a sigh of pure relief. Breathe Free with green tea puts a big bang of wake-me-up freshness in every cup while delivering an exhilarating menthol snap to the sinuses and relief to the chest. Breath Free will open your senses to total refreshment.

Take a sip...take a breath, you will feel better!

Created by Mother Nature, brought to you by Breezy Morning.

This Breezy Morning Herbal Tea is...

  • 100% Pure and Natural